OnBoard Brings Advances to Direct Response Advertising

February 7, 2017

NEW YORK, PRNewswire — SintecMedia today announced that OnBoard, the leading Sales Platform for Digital and Linear Advertising, has expanded functionality to serve the Direct Response TV (DRTV) market. OnBoard serves as a data hub for DRTV, connecting buyers and sellers to better manage the procurement, placement and invoicing associated with short- and long-form Direct Response ads. This enhanced functionality advances the ability to maximize Direct Response ads for both advertisers and networks, by automating the buying process, reducing time to complete orders, minimizing errors and improving reporting.

Direct Response Needs Automation to Manage the Breadth of Channels Available. Direct Response TV requires short transaction turnaround time and buyers need pre- and post-log information on a daily basis in order to optimize placement. In addition to the high-pressure, time-sensitive buying process, invoices are often sent by “snail mail” versus traditional EDI methods, causing delays in payment processing.  The compressed buying cycle, the number of available channels, and the need for data from multiple systems, makes DRTV advertising a highly-manual and error-prone process.

The First Direct Response Solution on the Market. OnBoard combines digital and linear advertising in a single platform that centralizes communications and facilitates transactions. With OnBoard, DRTV ad buyers have a better process to ensure they are executing their campaigns effectively and communicating seamlessly with TV networks.

OnBoard Brings a New Standard for Turnaround Time and Accuracy. A portal, OnBoard facilitates the entire DR transaction and gives networks and agencies real-time automation with direct connections to their systems. With tight integration to current sales and traffic systems, OnBoard transacts orders, pre/post logs, invoices, etc. making it a data hub for the entire DRTV advertising transaction process. This not only reduces the time to complete orders, but it reduces errors and improves reporting by presenting data in the format agencies require.

“OnBoard is the first product in the market to provide DRTV with a real-time buying platform, vastly improving the flexibility and control of both buyers and sellers,” said Amotz Yarden, CEO of SintecMedia. “We believe that OnBoard will revolutionize inventory supply management, bringing a variety of channels across linear and digital media together seamlessly, with real-time data access, accurate reporting and automated processes.”


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