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Since 2000, SintecMedia has developed software and services that help publishers, agencies, networks, and broadcasters simplify the business of advertising.

Media companies rely on us to sell, traffic, and bill premium ad inventory, increasing revenue and decreasing overhead.  We look forward to working with you.

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Manage Your Multimedia Inventory With SintecMedia Linear and Digital Solutions

  • Manage sellers with pre-defined custom approval rules and pricing controls .

  • Enable consultative sales by streamlining access to multimedia inventory for every seller.

  • Integrate your existing technology, including ad servers, production systems, and CRMs.

About SintecMedia

SintecMedia provides business management solutions for premium media companies worldwide. More than 300 of the world’s top media brands, including NBCU, CBS, ABC, AT&T, Amazon, STAR India, and Sky rely on SintecMedia to power their business strategy and operations. Strategically positioned where linear and digital come together, SintecMedia offers products that process more than $40 billion in advertising revenue globally. Since 2000, SintecMedia has grown to over 1300 employees in 14 offices around the world.

Operative.One is the hub. Every piece of data about the campaign is there. And that’s how it should be.

Vice President, Business Operations, Kelley Blue Book